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  • Licensed i502 Marijuana Transportation Service

    We are a third-party marijuana transportation company in WA state that is changing the way cannabis is being delivered to i502 businesses. Our knowledge of logistics and the cannabis industry can help benefit your company in many ways. We offer an affordable solution to transport your cannabis products so your company can save time and money. This will allow you to focus on your core skills and what has made you successful in the cannabis industry.

  • Professional Standards

    We believe customer service is the most important part of a successful business. Our goal is to provide clear communication and expectations for our customers throughout the delivery process, and most importantly to provide the quickest and safest mode of transportation of your products.

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6 Reasons to choose Sasquatch

  • licensed wa

    We are fully Licensed

    We are fully licensed with the WA State Liquor and Cannabis Board.

  • save you time

    We save you time

    Save your time by having us take care of your transportation needs.

  • Wheel

    We save you money

    Protect your bottom line by not paying employee wages, gas expenses, and vehicle maintenance for transporting your products.

  • reliable

    We are secure and reliable

    We insure your products and protect it in a windowless and unmarked vehicle. This way, you rest easy knowing that your products will be delivered safely without a single hitch.

  • Exhaust Pipe

    We provide real time GPS updates

    We provide real time GPS updates to your cell phone or email so you know where your product is at all times, and you will be notified when delivery is made.

  • Oil

    We transport a wide array of products

    We transport a wide array of marijuana products, from seed to edible and everything in between.

We specialize in transporting the following:

  • Finished marijuana products to retailers
  • Marijuana plants or clones
  • Samples to vendors or testing labs
  • Any other type of equipment or goods you may need transporting

We understand the importance of security in the cannabis industry and we conduct our deliveries in the most discreet manner possible. We use plainclothes and use unmarked, windowless vans for transporting products. Our vans are fitted with a closed compartment for the cargo, GPS tracking, cargo security camera and a secondary lock system for the side and rear doors. We are also insured for your peace of mind.

Our number one priority is to provide the best customer service possible. We pride ourselves in our professionalism, security, and timeliness.

Why should you choose a 3rd party marijuana transporter?

Handling deliveries on your own can take a lot of your time and be costly for your business. The gas expenses, employee costs, vehicle repairs and lost time can have a negative impact on your bottom line and profitability. You got into the marijuana industry to produce top-shelf cannabis products, not to become a transportation manager.

Additionally, a majority of cannabis businesses simply can not afford to deliver their products in compliance with the regulations of the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board. Failure to adhere to the transportation and delivery regulations attract hefty penalties and fines that could even be more expensive than hiring transportation services.

Let Sasquatch Logistics take care of your transportation needs! We are licensed and insured to provide marijuana transportation services within WA State.

Secure, reliable transportation with GPS tracking
WA licensed service that saves you time and money

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