Our Services

We offer delivery services of the following kind:

502 Retail Orders & Return Pick Ups

Retail Vendor orders all within Washington State. We will also help with getting returns back to farms/clients. Please contact us for route schedule

Fresh Frozen, Frozen Live Resin, Bulk/Wholesale Material

Trim, Flower, and larger volume material orders. Also, we offer transport for Fresh Frozen Flower, Frozen Trim etc…

Samples to Retailers and Test Labs

Vendor Samples and 502 Test Labs Samples

Other Types of Goods/Equipment

Like fertilizers, grow equipment, lights, etc…

How to Get Started:

1. Obtain a Quote and Schedule Delivery:
Every customer has unique demands and scheduling requirements and pricing will differ depending on the scenario. Please contact us for more information on pricing and scheduling.

Standard delivery rates start at $55 for standard orders going to retail shops and small wholesale orders. Please contact us for more information via phone or through our contact page (upper right of web page).

2. Shipment and Manifest Preparation:
Prepare transportation manifest for each drop location and list Sasquatch Logistics as carrier (LIC#424555). Please print out 3 copies transportation manifest, 2 copies of the invoice and place into a folder labeled with destination name.

3. Pick up and Delivery:
We will pick up you orders from your facility/farm and drop off to your desired destinations. We usually require 2 days lead time to complete deliveries. Weekends and holidays can make exceptions. Please contact us for more details about our route schedule.

4. Payment Return for your orders and Bin/Container Returns:
Included in our services we will drop off payments from your deliveries back to your farm free of charge the next time we are in your area!

We will also group your bins & containers and return them to you as well.

Our Contact Information

phone: (206)491-6038 or (425)967-2081
email: orders@sasquatchlogistics.com

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