Our Services

We offer delivery services of the following kind:

Finished marijuana products to retailers.

Like flowers, oils, extracts, edibles, and other marijuana infused products etc…

Raw marijuana

Mature and immature plants, clones, and unprocessed buds.

Samples to retailers and/or testing labs

Spread samples of your products to potential clients and also have us take your products for testing so you can be compliant with the state.

Other types of goods and equipment

Like fertilizers, grow equipment, marijuana packaging materials, marijuana related products (bongs, pipes, vaporizers) etc…

How Does a Third-Party Cannabis Delivery Work?

1. Obtain a Quote and Schedule Delivery:
Every customer has unique demands and scheduling requirements and pricing will differ depending on the scenario. Please contact us for more information on pricing and scheduling. We can create a logistical plan tailored for your i502 business. 

2. Shipment Preparation:
Prepare transportation manifest for each drop location and list Sasquatch Logistics as carrier (LIC#424555). Your cannabis products must be in quarantine for the state mandated duration before product can be shipped. Please have two copies of the transportation manifest for each drop location (1 for your customer, 1 for us). Place products in plastic bags and/or cases for glass container products. We provide 27 gallon totes to store your products in. If you do not have bags or cases for your products we can provide them for you at time of pick up, just let us know.

3. Pick up and Delivery:
Sasquatch picks up your products and will deliver to your desired locations. We will give you updates via your contact phone during transit. We can also give you GPS location updates. We will wait at each drop for your customer to receive the shipment and make sure the transaction is complete. If there are any issues with receiving we will contact you immediately. *For rejected items we can schedule a return shipment back to your facility*

4. Payment for your cannabis products:
Sasquatch can collect your payment from your customers and either return them to you for a fee (depends on your location) or we can mail check payments to you via priority mail (fee will apply for mailing cost). If your customer is paying in cash we can deposit it at your bank for an additional fee. 

5. Invoice from Sasquatch:
We will send you an invoice via email for your payment (Net 15 days). We can also accept cash or check.

Marijuana Transportation Services You Can Trust

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